Play Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3

Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3

Added: 10/23/2017  |   Played Today: 9  |   Total Plays: 6271 
Instructions: WASD or arrow keys to move | 1 to 9 to switch weapon | R to reload | Left click to shoot | Space bar to jump | C to crouch | Ctrl to prone | Shift to sprint |
An advanced pixelated first person shooter game where you have to be very quick to kill opponents or enemies. You can either play as individual or a teammate from your team. By choosing as individual player you can kill anyone who you think deserve death. By choosing team you have to play as good team player and defeat the opponent team. You have variety of weapons that you can earn and switch. You will definitely enjoy this third version of Pixel Apocalypse.

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93% Positive Rating

93% Positive Rating

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