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Instructions: W,A,S,D to move around. Mouse to look around. P for Menu/Pause. Left click for primary attack, right click for secondary. 'F' to open up Summoning menu, 'E' to open unit ordering menu.
You play as the evil Soul Tyrant, who has arisen from the fires of the under world, with only one purpose. Destroy the world! Decapitate your way through the hundreds of soldiers while capturing altars. Kill, and use the bodies of the dead as your minions! Collect souls from your kills and use them to summon very powerful creatures from the depths of the underworld! Your souls can also be used for devastating special attacks!
Objective: Journey to the top castle where the grand mage awaits you. Capture all the altar points on the way up.
We are happy to announce our second version released, play at Soul Tyrant V2
Please visit Facebook Page for more details and update.
Run Through Video: Click here to see video

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91% Positive Rating

91% Positive Rating

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