Action Games

Play Free Running

1286207 plays | Rated by 4148 players

Play Kick Boxing Game

769863 plays | Rated by 2660 players

Play Monkey Quest Online

510792 plays | Rated by 5108 players

Play 300 : Rise Of An Empire - Seize Your Glory

189729 plays | Rated by 1931 players

Play Battle with Waybig: Ben 10 Destroy all Aliens

253680 plays | Rated by 3876 players

Play Marvel VS DC

537596 plays | Rated by 483 players

Play Star Wars : The Quest For R2-D2

497574 plays | Rated by 2261 players

Play Hero Factory: Breakout

118508 plays | Rated by 2497 players

Play Ultimate Crisis

333727 plays | Rated by 932 players

Play Young Justice : Brawl of Justice

377224 plays | Rated by 1165 players

Play Proto Bat-Bot : Battle for Gotham City

281388 plays | Rated by 968 players

Play Pacific Rim

214254 plays | Rated by 2664 players

Play BMX Freestyle 3D

134481 plays | Rated by 962 players

Play Ninja Showdown

94871 plays | Rated by 104 players

Play Trech game

221953 plays | Rated by 706 players

Play Boxing Bonanza

310592 plays | Rated by 1239 players

Play DogFight Squadron

423995 plays | Rated by 1263 players

Play Wrath Of The Titans

336511 plays | Rated by 2734 players

Play Street Fighter 2

125701 plays | Rated by 254 players

Play King Of Fighters V 1.3

125209 plays | Rated by 320 players

Play Streets of Gotham : Full Throttle

563135 plays | Rated by 2055 players

Play Wild Base Jumping

310669 plays | Rated by 1293 players

Play The Karate King

436885 plays | Rated by 2309 players

Play Shooting Cybertrash XL

113665 plays | Rated by 470 players

Play Robot Rampage 2

49802 plays | Rated by 346 players

Play Street Fighter Alpha

87659 plays | Rated by 225 players

Play King of Fighters Death Match

96326 plays | Rated by 165 players

Play Crazy Shuttle

71108 plays | Rated by 141 players

Play Battle In Megaville

66592 plays | Rated by 31 players

Play Wonder Woman: Curse Of Underwater World

121507 plays | Rated by 177 players

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3D Car Games

Car Games are most addictive games at Online3DGames. In this category, you have multiple options to choose. Starting from Simple Driving game to Super Fast Racing game on Highways. You may choose car game that you just drive yourself without copeting with other racer howeer, there are some game which you can play and copete with other exeperienced driver. Car games are mad in WebGL, HTML5 and Flash. Here at O3DG, you will find 3D graphichs with some attractive feature and great control over game. Lets check the New Car Games and Most Popular Car Games at left bottom side bar. You may require high configuration of Computer or High End Mobile Device to play these games properly. Here you will find super racing cars with tons of upgrades and magical powers. Latest game you can play in this category is Supercar Endless Rush. It feels like you are on racing track without going to formula 1. Let us enjoy playing with other racers or single play.

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